Learn how to use this accurate Jungian psychological assessment based on symbols & colours with clients of your own!

You may be starting out as a practitioner, or you may be a seasoned therapist – MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument)© is fully adaptable as a wellness tool or for deep therapeutic work. This whole-brained instrument reveals a visual picture of the psyche, allowing the client to “see” themselves in a whole new way, and to access their own intuitive guidance. MARI© is wonderful for those aspects of life that are “hard to talk about.”

Course Objectives

  • Construct and interpret a mandala
  • Understand the universal nature of symbol and colour as they relate to the stages of the Great Round
  • Gain a basic understanding of how MARI© relates to one’s sense of self
  • Administer the MARI© card test
  • Explore ways to provide feedback to clients in a way that supports positive potential


You will learn through the process of creating your own mandalas and exploring your own choices of colour and symbol. You will see the results of your own psychic process and contents in the MARI© for the first time – so it is a deeply personal and often emotional experience.

The training is designed to focus on the student first as the “person taking the MARI©.” As the class unfolds, the training shifts to teach the student to become the “person who is giving the MARI©.”



Upcoming Training Sessions

Due to the COVID-19 Health Restrictions, MARI Trainings will be conducted on-line.

Dates & times will be decided based on need.

 Contact Sherry Lynn to secure your place.