What To Expect In Your MARI© Session

  • First, you relax. This process can include silent or supported meditation, or listening to calming music.
  • Next, you will draw a simple mandala. Supplies are provided, and no artistic skills are needed.
  • 39 symbol cards printed on clear plastic are spread out before you. Choose the ones you are attracted to.
  • 45 colour cards are now spread out before you. Choose a colour to go with each of your chosen symbols.
  • Your card combinations are placed on a board.
  • Now, see aspects of your life as they relate to the life cycle of all living things.
  • Together we will explore your strengths and challenges, and discover your new possibilities.
  • Now look at your mandala and see the wisdom that has been within you all along.


Through the simple act of drawing a picture and picking a few cards, you can become aware of and better understand your subconscious processing. And having then SEEN your psyche laid out in front of you, a shift in your brain occurs. No longer are your inner processings an abstract concept. You are now FULLY AWARE and this is where you become empowered, as you are now at the helm – consciously aware of how to continue living your life.